Top 10 Microsoft Products for NGOs, Nonprofits, and Charities

For many NGOs, choosing the right mix of technology can be daunting. The tools that you might need may seem expensive and out of reach for your budget.

Is the Cloud Safe? How to Ensure Security in the Cloud

Cloud apps are great for productivity, and they are easy to use, but you need to be aware of the security risks that come along with them. Welcome to the Cloud Generation. Here are five things to do to help protect your nonprofit.

6 Fundamental Communication Tools That Your Non-governmental Organization Needs

Here are a few basic tools that you can consider to get members of your organization to connect with each other and with constituents.

How to Plan a Nonprofit Blog That You Can Manage

Blogs bring many benefits to nonprofits, and with a strategic approach, you can manage a blog with minimal time and resources.

What You Can Do About Ransomware

A ransomware attack that is called WannaCry has affected over 200,000 Windows PCs in 150 countries. Here is more information about how you can protect your organization.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

We'll introduce some basic cloud computing terminology and outline some of the advantages and disadvantages to cloud computing.

12 Tips to Being Safer Online

This Safer Internet Guide is designed for nonprofits, charities, and NGOs.

What to Do After You Download ISO Files from Microsoft

This article tells you what ISO files are and how to use them to install your NGO's Microsoft software donations.

We Are Proud to Launch TechSoup.Global

Today, TechSoup and Microsoft have joined forces to launch the world's first fully global technology donations platform in order to serve the rest of global civil society.
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